10 Creative Entrepreneurs On Finding Work Life Balance

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Work-life balance.

We all want it, and nobody knows what it means. For some, a little time management and scheduling goes a long way. For others, work and life exist at more of an ebb and flow—sometimes one takes precedent over the other. So, this week, I’ve collected 10 quotes from some of my previous interviews with creative entrepreneurs, and each has her own approach. Read on for a little inspiration and validation.

“There’s this misconception that people, especially women, should be striving for life-work balance. I don’t think that necessarily exists as we interpret it to mean. I think that you have to have passion toward your work until it doesn’t seem like work. You also have to have the ability to delegate and empower. That’s one of the lessons I’ve learned over the years.” — Victoria Lynden, CEO and founder of Kohana Coffee

“What’s so crazy is that I believe self-care should be 24/7, but it seems like we’ve only turned it into something we’ve squeezed into the day. When you have attention disorders like I do, it’s either you live your life just feeling crazy and overwhelmed, or you make your life work for you and your body work for you. And that’s what I’ve done. That’s where the boundaries come in—to me, boundaries are everything and it’s how you tell others what you need. The purpose of having boundaries is to protect and take care of ourselves, and we need to have a way to tell people when they’re acting in a way that’s not acceptable to us. We have the right to protect and defend ourselves and the duty to take responsibility for how others treat us. If I’m not comfortable with something, I communicate it. If something doesn’t align with who I am or how much is on my plate, I communicate it.” — Nikisha Brunson, founder of Folie Apothecary and co-founder of Urban Bush Babes

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