10 Creative Entrepreneurs On Finding Work Life Balance

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“It might sound redundant, but keep yourself well. Intuition is one of my favorite topics. I have seen that the more I am in touch with myself the more I am open to creativity, imagination and innovative ideas. When I am feeling my very best and I am in my self-care groove, I will even have dreams that will give me ideas about my brand. Other people will dream about me, too. I’m not kidding—I have had people email me before saying, “Hey, Lauren, I dreamed about this for your business.” It was during a time when I was at my best spiritually. I would also say be open to the idea that seeming roadblocks might actually protect you from something. Trust the divine timing of your career, because there are certain things that I thought I wanted and needed in the first year that I am so glad looking back that didn’t happen. I wouldn’t have been ready for it. There are also things that did happen, like conflicts and business breakups, that actually did need to happen at that time. It gave me the space to learn something that I needed for a larger opportunity.” — Lauren Ash, yoga instructor and founder of Black Girl In Om

“I’ll have days where I’m just being very relaxed and I feel like I should be doing something more, but that’s where my freedom comes into play. I have been offered a few jobs at creative agencies, but I have had to say no. I’m very comfortable sitting at home, watching Netflix all day. It doesn’t make me feel guilty and that’s what makes me me and that’s what makes my art what it is.” — Elise Swopes, artist and designer

“Giving myself uninterrupted periods of time to get stuff done is my biggest saving grace. Also, sleep. You can’t do your best work without a good night’s sleep.” — Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Company

“To be honest, this last year I was all over the place, and I really did struggle to keep my balance. I mostly had no social life. On the same hand, I did build a team that is nothing short of a family to me. So even though I was working nonstop, it mostly felt like I was hanging out with my best friends while I did what I love most for a living. I think making sure that you surround yourself with a team of people you truly enjoy being around makes all the difference. I do hope to slow things down this year so I can have more free time for self-care and discoveries. I think, for most artist, that separation of work and life is one of the biggest struggles, because our lives are so often where our art streams from. You should want your life overtaken by your art, in many ways, your life should be the art. Henry Miller has this fantastic quote that says: ‘TO MAKE LIVING ITSELF AN ART, THAT IS THE GOAL.’ That is where I stand.” — Driely Schwartz, concept photographer

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