10 Everyday Items That Can Save Your Life in an Emergency Situation

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Your brain is your most potent weapon. When caught in an emergency situation, improvising with things that are readily available around you could save your life.

Just Kooki brings you 10 everyday items that can save your life should an emergency situation ever arise. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Chewing gum fire starter

Cut a thin strip of the gum wrapper. Fold the strip in half and cut diagonally across the folded strip. When you unfold the strip, you should have a narrow spot at the center. Hold the ends of the strip to the positive and negative ends of a battery. Make sure the metallic side of the strip touches the battery, not the paper side. And voila! You will have a flame.

Note: This method works only with wrappers that have a metallic side. A few kinds of gum with metallic wrappers are ’Wrigley’s 5′ and ’Extra.’

Caution: Playing with fire can be dangerous, be careful. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Bra cup debris mask

When you are in an emergency situation like being caught up in a raging fire, you could face serious respiratory problems as a result of breathing in smoke, toxic ash, pulverized concrete, particles, and dust. But we have an easy solution. The cup of a bra can be used as a debris mask. Most are perfectly sized to cover the nose and mouth, and the straps can be reworked to tie around the head for hands-free use.

You can also purchase a special bra that was created specifically to act as a gas mask. It unsnaps into 2 so that you can also help someone else in need and comes equipped with a radiation sensor.

Caution: It is always better to use a dedicated gas mask which can provide protection from both gaseous and particulate toxic materials. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

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