10 Everyday Items That Can Save Your Life in an Emergency Situation

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3. Ice to start a fire

Going outdoors during the winter is fun. But conditions can grow dangerous quickly if you get exposed to plummeting temperatures and gusting winds. Having a fire to keep yourself warm is paramount in this case and you can start one using ice. Find the clearest ice you can lay your hands on. Carve out a big chunk of it. Then, using the warmth of your palms melt it into a smooth round lens. Use this lensas a magnifying glass to light the fire.

Advice: This method will prove useful only if you happen to find clear ice and sunshine. It is better to carry match sticks or lighters to serve your fire needs. Being prepared is essential to survival.

4. Tinfoil to keep yourself warm

Keeping yourself warm and preserving body heat is essential to survive a cold night. You can do so by wrapping yourself up with tin foil. The reflective surface of the foil will reflect your own body heat toward you and prevent it from escaping, thus keeping you warm.

Caution: Tin foil is prone to tearing easily, handle with care.

5. Feminine hygiene products

Sanitary napkins are made from Cellucotton which, during World War I, was developed in the US to be used as surgical cotton. So it should come as no surprise that today sanitary napkins can be used for dressing a wound. Cellucotton is 5 times as absorbent as cotton bandages.

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