10 Horror Movies On Netflix That Don’t Suck

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Halloween is approaching rapidly, which means you need to get all of your scary movies in before December hits. (Then it’s time to start binge-watching Christmas movies). So raid your video cabinet, hit up some midnight showings, and check Netflix. Not so keen on that last option?

This list details ten movies that can all currently be found on Netflix and aren’t cheesy scary! Seriously, some of these films have actually made some of their viewers faint. Don’t worry, though, this article includes a variety of movies with different types of horror within. From blood and guts to demons and ghosts, this last packs a scream!

10. The Conjuring

Directed by James Wan, the story of The Conjuring has terrified people since its premiere date back in July 2013. The story is based on the case files of Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) Warren, two demonologists who take on the cases most people avoid. Ed and Lorraine help a family whose home has been infested with a nasty demon that just won’t go away. When the family realizes who the demon is targeting, things get harder to handle.

Netflix can tell when people stop watching a movie. The Conjuring is on their list of movies people often can’t finish due to its horrifying story, with many stopping after 70 percent of the movie has been played.[1] (Netflix believes that if viewers simply didn’t like the movie, they’d have stopped watching sooner.) Thankfully, Netflix has this movie for us to enjoy as much as we can before we turn it off out of fear.

9. The Boy

Many people have a fear of dolls—because why wouldn’t they? Their lifelike glass eyes, painted-on smiles, and ghostly stares are enough to make the hair on anyone’s neck stand up. Director William Brent Bell gave us his masterpiece of a movie, The Boy, back in January 2016. The Boy takes place in a remote English village where an elderly couple are in search for a nanny for their young boy. However, things take a turn when the main character (Lauren Cohan) meets their son, who is really a life-sized porcelain doll.

Staying away from demons or gore, The Boy has a way of scaring the crap out of you just by the use of the doll.[2] Oh, and the music. Make sure you hide anything that resembles a doll in your house before streaming this movie on Netflix.

8. Hush

Imagine living in a house alone, surrounded by woods. Now, picture all of that but not being able to hear. In the movie Hush, directed by Mike Flanagan, the main character Maddie (Katie Siegel) is in for a terrifying night when a man decides to break into her home and terrorize her. Maddie is deafand unable to hear a single thing going on around her. She has to try to use the element of surprise in order to attempt to rid herself of this intruder.

This intense thriller even managed to earn an 89 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Many people agree that this movie is unique, chilling, and something that continues to keep you guessing until the very end.[3] Search for Hush on Netflix if you’re looking to enjoy this unique thriller.

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