10 Insane Supercars You Didn’t Know Were Real

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2. AD Tramontana

For those who are already bored with the specs and offerings of the usual guys on the track like Ferrari and Lamborghini, there are other options available that can deliver the same amount of power, a dose of styling but not the usual shock that comes with the supercar’s sticker prices. Made by a Catalan company, the Tramontana is a unique supercar combines a powerful machinery, stunning lines and premium safety standards. To ensure that each unit that comes out of the production line is of high quality, each Tramontana is custom-built, using the specified materials, and even the addition of a poetic verse in the Tramontana’s chassis!

Inspired by the open wheel racing cars of the past, this supercar also boasts a powerful engine- a mid-mounted twin turbo-charged 5.5-liter engine from Mercedes Benz, double overhead cam V12 that can offer up to 71o horsepower. Not bad for a supercar that cost at least €500,000!

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