10 Mind-Blowing Drill Hacks

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4. Cup Dust Collector

When you drill overhead, you have to deal with dusty waste material falling down. Try this quick hack to make dust collection a breeze. Poke a hole into the bottom of a Dixie or paper cup. Then slide the cup down over your drill bit with the mouth of the cup facing up. Then drill as usual, and the dust will fall directly into the cup.

5. Power Clean Brush

If you want to deep-clean areas of your house that are hard to reach, try this hack. Attach a brush to your drill, reach into difficult-to-clean areas, and turn on the drill to the appropriate speed for the task at hand. Now you have a powerful DIY drill cleaner.

6. Creating a Little Give

If you’ve ever drilled a smooth surface, then you know it can be extremely difficult to get a hole started. And for glass, it’s especially challenging. Try this hack to make this type of drilling easier. Gather painter’s tape and dense cardboard. Then tape the cardboard over the drilling area. Next, at low speed, use a carbide-tipped bit to make a small divot in the material. The cardboard helps steady the bit. Now you can throw the cardboard away and continue with the job.

7. Easy Pilot Holes

This hack helps you successfully drill into volatile material that might split on impact. Of course, drilling a pilot hole will help, but you may not have the right-sized bit available. Don’t worry … you can actually use a nail to start the pilot hole. Cut off the nail head, place the nail body in the drill chuck, and drill the pilot hole.

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