10 Mind-Blowing Drill Hacks

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8. Bit Extender

If you need a drill with extra reach, you don’t need to buy an expensive drill extender. You can actually create your own three-foot drill extender yourself. Just follow this step-by-step guide from Family Handyman. With a few materials and a little time, you’ll have this extra-long screwdriver or drill bit in no time.

9. A Simpler Depth Stop

To create an accurate target depth guide when drilling multiple holes, try this simple but effective hack. Just use a permanent marker to specify on the drill bit the correct target depth. Then after you’re done with the project, clean the marker off the drill bit.

10. Cheap Buffer/Grinder

Convert your drill to a buffer with this helpful hack! All you have to do is switch the drill bit with a cloth buffer and start polishing a wide range of items at home, from shoes to jewelry.

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