10 Pieces of Killer Advice From Famous Creative Geniuses

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There’s something incredibly potent and calming about insightful quotes from geniuses. As any entrepreneur or creative will attest, funks, ruts, and blocks happen. And knowing that brilliant minds tackled similar issues is priceless. Lucky for us, they were able to distill sharp lessons from their struggles. While there are many tools to help get your creativity back, here are 10 pieces of wisdom that can inspire you to stay on track, stay true to your creativity, and keep focused on your bold vision.

1. Be Bold

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” –Oscar Wilde

Wilde reminds us that we must push to the edges, especially in the beginning phases. As ideas develop and make their way through process, protocol, and practicalities, they get watered down. This is a powerful reminder to be audacious in the beginning.

2. Inspiration Is All Around

“Ideas come from everything.” –Alfred Hitchcock

Inspiration doesn’t happen at a particular time, and it shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of one team. It is everywhere. Hitchcock actually cites an example: One of his greatest foundational experiences came when his father made him go to the police station and admit something he had done wrong. This became a source of inspiration to explore themes of paranoia, police, and doom.

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