10 Professional Tricks That Can Help You Clean Your House Much Faster

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4. Dust first, vacuum last.

Sometimes, because we feel that vacuuming can be a lot a fuss, we vacuum and mop the whole house first to get the hard part of the cleaning done and we leave the “easier” jobs such as dusting, cleaning surfaces, appliances, and etc for last. If you are doing this and you notice that your floor or rugs are always dirty, there’s a reason why.

When you dust and clean all the surfaces, all the dirt, crumbs, and garbage falls on the floor,so if you vacuum first, you clean the floor from all the previous dirt and add new dirt right away. Thus, you end up leaving your floor dirty. So, it’s important to clean your whole house first and let the floors be that last thing to clean.

5. Use a pattern

Even though this might not seem like the most logical thing to do, it will work wonders once you get the hang of it! Instead of cleaning surfaces that look dirty, in your mind, consider them ALL dirty regardless of how clean they look.

Remember, we can’t see bacteria and they can be in places that seem the cleanest. Start by going into every single room in your house and start cleaning from the left side of the room to the right (in a pattern.) This way you will clean your whole house thoroughly without missing any spots.

6. Do not scrub, just spray.

You can save yourself plenty of time when you use a spray as surface cleaner instead of scrubbing the area. Just walk into a room and start spraying all the surfaces that you can from the left side to the right side. Then, go to the next room and repeat the same thing without wiping anything away.

Once you have finished with all the rooms and the product was left long enough on the surfaceto absorb everything that shouldn’t be there into a puddle, go to the first room you sprayed and start wiping away. This will save you so much time while leaving all your surfaces clean and shiny without the fuss of scrubbing.

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