10 Reasons The Story Of Jesus Might Be An Allegory For The Sun

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8. Jesus’s Baptism At 30 Years Of Age

At the age of 30 years, Jesus was baptized, at least according to the Bible. It is theorized that this is actually documenting the Sun entering the water sign, the House of Aquarius, 30 days after its birth.

As an interesting side note, during this time of the year (in the West, which the story of Jesus Christ in the New Testament was geared toward), the rainfall is greater than most other months. Also, in ancient Egypt—from which the modern story of Jesus comes—the Nile was said to have flooded at this time, which the local population was grateful for, as it brought forth the waters to the land, which were required for a plentiful harvest.

This symbolism alongside the story of Jesus continues as the Sun then enters the House of Pisces, which is represented on the zodiac by the sign of a fish. In the story of Jesus, He would take His disciples from fishermen. Some believe this is the root of the reason we actually “celebrate” Lent: We eat fish and no meat as honor and recognition of this particular part of the Sun’s journey through the zodiac.

7. Becoming A Shepherd And The Salvation Of Men

Even Jesus going on to become a shepherd is reasoned to be the Sun again entering a new house of the Zodiac—this time that of Aries—represented by a ram, which of course, would have once been a lamb. Lambs were sacrificed in ancient times, their blood allowed to spill on the land as an offering to the Sun in return for a plentiful harvest. This is just one of the reasons for lamb being typically a food associated with Easter.

As spring continues to make the push toward summer, ancient civilizations would see their supplies from the previous year’s harvest dwindling. They were essentially now at the mercy of the Sun to assist in providing what was needed for another good harvest so that they might stock up again for the following year. This is claimed to be symbolized in the story of Jesus, as Christ then ventures out to the “salvation of men”—to provide what they were so very desperate for.

The Sun at this stage is in the house of Taurus, represented by the bull, utilized in reality to plow the fields in anticipation of the gifts and cosmic lifeblood of the Sun. As these seeds are sown, the twins of Gemini are represented, as one seed doubles (sprouts) to become another and so forth—essentially doubling itself, as twins are a double.

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