10 Steps To Expressing Yourself In Writing

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You have an idea that you think will lead to the next best-selling book. You know, one of those that go viral instantly and become the next phenomenal hit. The only thing standing in your way is translating that brilliant idea into words. The question is; how do you begin straddling those widely scattered pieces of your idea into one uniformly bridged and organized concept?

Here are 10 tips to get you started:

1. Educate Yourself

Whoever said that good writers are good thinkers because they are good readers could never have been more right. To be able to express an idea that will be well-received and not misunderstood or disregarded, you need to borrow a leaf or two from the pages of prolific writers. Writers who painted history pages with words that made them delightful to read. You need to have a desire to discover by learning and exploring. Books have to become that source of inspiration and adventure. The choice depends on what you intend to write on but should not be restricted to it. If you want to write academic content, then put in a lot of time reading academic literature and a bit of time reading some fictional books especially classical ones. The variety of style you find in both genres will enrich your writing skills and empower you with true intellectual stock to produce outstanding writing pieces.

2. Create the Writing Ambiance

There is no definite surrounding for writing. In fact, you might realize that the best writing was done or started in the weirdest places. Do not shy away from scouting around for places that have just the right combination of light, background noise, smells etc. to get your writing going.

3. Frame the Outline

Failure to plan your writing is a sure way to fail in your writing. What you want to say can only be said if you know exactly how to say it. Structure is paramount. Spend enough time formulating steps you will take to convey your message. Organize your thoughts so that there is a continuous, smooth flow of communication from the beginning to the end. Some people prefer using mind-maps. It is preferable to start with the most useful/important point then working your way down through to the list.

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