10 Surprising Reasons That Smart People Are Weird

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8. They’re Up At All Hours

Studies of traditional societies show very little evidence that ancient humans were nocturnal. There are obvious reasons for this: There was no artificial light and no need to be awake in the dark when important work like hunting and crafting needed to be done during the day. But since the invention of electricity and our shift to a 24-hour world, the option is much more feasible.

Previous research has shown that more intelligent humans exhibit characteristics that go against evolution, meaning that high intelligence correlates with a flouting of instinct. This has been shown to be true with respect to bedtimes: Those with higher intelligence are more likely to be night owls. It starts early, too. Children who tend to be nocturnal are more likely to grow up to have higher intelligence.

7. They’re Loners

Think back to ancient times. Traditional societies had to be collaborative and social in order to survive. The superficial world has changed, but we’re still the same species that gravitates to social situations. Researchers call this the “savanna theory of happiness,” meaning that our modern happiness is affected by our evolutionary history.

There is one caveat, however: While research has shown that socialization with friends correlates to higher life satisfaction in most humans, the opposite is true for those with “extreme” intelligence. That demographic actually shows lower life satisfaction with more frequent social situations. So think of the supersmart among us as the lone lion on the savanna: happier alone—and perhaps best left that way.

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