10 Top Companies For Work-Life Balance

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They say that no one company will meet all of your needs. Whether the pay is off or the culture is bland, there is always something that must be sacrificed when it comes to landing your next big job. Until now!

In addition to overall company ratings, Glassdoor asks users to review companies based on their work-life balance. And while work-life balance means something different to every individual, it’s safe to say that in its most general sense it means a healthy relationship between how much you work and how much time you have for your personal life.

Here is just a selection of companies (in no particular order) that make work-life balance a top priority and have a Glassdoor work-life balance rating of 4.0 or above over the past year. And, good news, they are all hiring now!

1. Asynchrony Labs 

Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Number of Open Jobs: 21

What Employees Say: “Asynchrony has exceptional benefits and teams full of wicked-smart people. They use new technology, have opportunities to learn and be mentored, are forward-thinking with their development practices and have a diverse yet welcoming culture.” —Current User Experience Designer

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