10 Ways to Remove Tartar Stains From Your Teeth

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4. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are great in many ways: use them for seasoning your salad or removing tartar. They act as a natural scrub, and polish and clean the teeth at the same time.

Take a full tablespoon of seeds into your mouth and chew well. You need to try to create a kind of paste and not swallow it in the process. Then brush your teeth with this paste and a dry toothbrush. Do this twice a week.

5. Hydrogen peroxide and mouthwash

Hydrogen peroxide has antimicrobial properties, and so does mouthwash. Mix 1 tbsp of antiseptic mouthwash with 3 tbsp of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Gargle with this mixture for a couple of minutes and finish the procedure with clean water.

6. Coconut oil

Another thing you can reach for in your kitchen cupboard is coconut oil. Oil pulling is a popular procedure nowadays. Oil absorbs dirt in the mouth and also has an antibacterial effect against microorganisms living in there.

Swish 1-2 tbsp of oil around in your mouth for 10-15 minutes (it tastes great!), then spit it out and rinse well with warm water.

7. Strawberries and tomatoes

Both tomatoes and strawberries are rich in Vitamin С and you can use them if citrus is not your thing. Chop either of them, make a pulp, and apply it to the teeth. Leave for 5 minutes, then rinse your mouth.

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