11 Extremely Useful Hacks That Will Turn You into a Cleaning God

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Finally! You’re actually in the mood for cleaning, you’ve got your gloves on and…you suddenly realize you’ve ran out of a certain cleaning agent… Don’t worry, Just Kooki has collected some incredibly useful tips to help you get your home sparkling clean. Now you’ll be able to resolve the most persistent and time-wasting cleaning problems in no time at all. These hacks totally work and they won’t cost you a fortune. We checked. Twice.

1. Burnt pots and baking trays

Baking soda and peroxide will return your burnt pots, pans and baking trays to almost-as-new condition. Minimum effort for the best results. cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Window fittings

Sprinkle a bit of baking soda into the corners, then carefully pour some white vinegar into the fittings. Wait for the bubbly reaction to calm down and remove the dirt. cool stuff, cool stuff

3. The bathtub

Mix vinegar and washing powder in equal proportions and apply what you get on the problem zones. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes and then rub the dirty areas with a brush. cool stuff, cool stuff

4. The washing machine

Our washing machines are one of the most used appliances in our homes, and they consequently get dirty and stinky too. To get rid of the smell, start the hottest cycle available without any clothes in your machine. Add some baking soda and white distilled vinegar to the washer drum. Watch the magic happen!

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