11 Garden DIYs That’ll Bring Out The Best Of Your Green Thumb

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There are some of us out there who enjoy seeing flowers blossoming and the best of nature surrounding our homes. But there are also some of us who may not have been born with a green thumb.If you fall into the latter category, don’t worry! You don’t necessarily have to be the most talented gardener to have a beautiful sanctuary around your home — this is where I come in.I’ve rounded up some awesome garden DIYs to help you have a beautiful garden, whether you’re a pro or not.

1. If you don’t have the room for a vegetable garden, just create a potted one!

Follow the instructions from Sunset to get your garden pot started! Just keep your pot in a sunny place. This is awesome because you can easily have your very own vegetables to cook with!

2. Got an old, broken fountain laying around somewhere? Don’t get rid of it!

The Gardeners Anonymous Blog shows us how you can take something old and turn it into something beautiful. Just add your soil into the fountain’s bowls and plant away! What a glamorous way to upcycle!

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