11 Pro Makeup Tips Every Girl Needs to Know

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4. Hide little wrinkles.

If you have little wrinkles on your eyelids that you would like to hide, use matte shadows. If you still want the eyelids to glow a little, put some color on top of the matte shadows, but only on the center of the eyelid.

5. Use a palette.

Makeup artists often mix different products to get the effect they need. To do this, artists use special metal palettes, but you can simply use a mirror or a plastic cream lid. Unlike an arm, such a surface won’t heat the product or absorb it. You can mix shades of lipsticks, foundation, shadows, or anything you want. Like an artist, you can create the color and texture you need at that particular moment.

6. Every blush shade should be where it belongs.

Put pink and red colored blush on the cheeks, peach-colored ones just over the cheekbones, and bronze-colored shades should be under the cheekbones. Makeup artist, James Vincent says that this is how you can recreate the natural blush that appears when the blood flows to the face. If you put the blush on this way before the foundation, they will look even more natural.

7. Choose the color of your cosmetics carefully.

We are often disappointed by the way a new lipstick looks on our lips. That’s because when we first tried it on our palms, the color looked completely different. It’s all about the difference in skin color on various parts of the body. The skin on the lips is way brighter than the skin on the hands. So, when choosing the color at a store, it’s best to try it on the tips of your fingers where the color is almost the same as on the lips.

When choosing a foundation, you also shouldn’t test it on the hand where the color is darker than on the face. Put a little bit of cream on the inside of the forearm or on the spot where the neck starts.

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