11 Signature Korean Action Movies That Rival Hollywood Movies

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These Korean films are as good, if not better, than Hollywood movies.

Hollywood may be known for its action movies, but Korea is no slouch either when it comes to thrilling, action packed films.

Here are 11 Korean action movies that could rival a Hollywood production. Action moviews, Action moviews

1. My Wife is a Gangster

Released in 2001, My Wife is a Gangster follows a female gang boss who needs to get married, as it’s her dying sister’s final wish. The movie also has 2 sequels, released in 2003 and 2006. Action moviews, Action moviews

2. The Man from Nowhere

One of Korea’s most popular films, The Man from Nowhere follows a former black-ops soldier who does everything he can to rescue a kidnapped child, who is also the only person he can connect with. Action moviews, Action moviews

3. The Outlaws

The Outlaws is based on a real event, the 2007 Heuksapa Incident, and tells the story about a growing turf war between two gangs and the police who try to intervene. It was the 4th most popular Korean film of 2017.

4. The Thieves

A heist film, The Thieves and its star-studded cast work together to steal the most valuable diamond they will ever see, but each of the thieves also have their own individual plans. The Thieves is the 6th highest grossing Korean film ever.

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