11 Style Hacks That Can Make You More Successful In All Aspects Of Life, According To Science

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Ever notice how much better life is when you dress up? Maybe it’s just me, but I feel way more confident, uplifted, and productive when I actually put a bit of effort into my look. This amazing cause and effect really goes to show that there are style hacks that make you more successful, whether you like it or not.

Because of course everyone prefers a day spent traipsing around in yoga pants. I’m currently rocking leggings and my clogs from 2003, and I am 100 percent com-fy. So yes, I agree there is something to be said for comfort, and occasionally not giving AF. But when it comes to actually stepping out into the world, scoring a date, snagging a job, making a good first impression at work, and/or #winning the game of life, appearance really does matter.

In fact, there is scientific study after scientific study that proves how much appearances mean to humans. You might pretend it doesn’t (and it really shouldn’t), but on some biological level your boss, professor, and potential partner will make snap judgment that can totally change the course of your life. Scary stuff.

But like I said, style usually has nothing to do with anyone else. It simply feels good to dress up for the sake of dressing up, with new jobs and hot days as a sweet side bonus. So does it sound like time to do a little spring shopping? If so, then keep these style hacks in mind that can make you feel good, and be more successful, in all areas of your life.

1. Wear Red Lipstick To Feel Confident

Ever feel compelled to take a selfie after applying lipstick? Sure, you may just want to document the rare, fancy occasion. But that bright pop of color may also be boosting your self-esteem. As Mollie Hawkins noted on Cambio.com, “CoverGirl teamed up with Harvard and surveyed 1,000 women about their lipstick habits — and it turns out that gals who rock the red lipstick on a daily basis take an average of three selfies per week, compared to those of us that may opt for the pink or plum hues and post an average of one selfie per week.” See? Red lipstick seems to equal confidence.

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