11 Tricks Restaurants Use That No Waiter Will Tell You About

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4. Compact menus

Too many dishes on a menu confuses clients. Restaurant consultant Aaron Allen says that by overloading the menu you torture guests, making them dissatisfied with their visit because they doubt if they made the right choice.

People also tend to think that a restaurant can’t cook so many dishes well. That’s why the best menu is often one that’s written on a single sheet.

5. Positive attitude of the waiters

Waiters know that clients appreciate it if you start a conversation with a friendly comment, even if it’s only about the good weather. Tips usually increase by a third as a result of such a simple trick.

6. A restaurant’s legend

The aim of a legend is to make the restaurant stand out from the crowd.

A simple example: one cafe has a pastry chef who knows the secret of unique Polish donuts, while another cafe simply makes donuts. A lot of guests won’t just go to the former but will say afterward that they liked that one’s donuts better.

7. An “extra offer”

You’ve probably noticed how when you order a coffee your waiter asks, “A large one?“ and nods approvingly. By the time you realize you’ve agreed to something not originally on your mind, it’s already too late.

Besides, double portions are often called ”standard” and standard ones are “small,” which also increases the income.

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