11 Tricks Restaurants Use That No Waiter Will Tell You About

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8. Using the chef’s reputation

The reputation of a chef is a powerful thing. Any dish that is the “chef’s specialty” will stand out in the guests’ eyes — not to mention when it is served by the chef him or herself!

Sometimes, waiters even dress up as the chef and play the role before the clients.

9. Aroma marketing

Smells strongly affect our minds. Even if we have a strict plan, aromas may well adjust it.

Vanilla and cinnamon fragrances increase the sales of desserts, while the smell of bacon makes people order more for breakfast. Lavender is often used to make guests relax, stop hurrying, and spend more.

10. Getting rid of dirty dishes

Waiters always try to dispose of your empty dishes as soon as possible. Of course, it’s not too pleasant to sit at a table full of dirty crockery, but there’s another reason too: this way, the guest won’t think they’ve ordered too much.

If there was a growing heap of dishes, they’d stop sooner.

11. Waiters’ odd money manipulations

Waiters have their own tricks to get bigger tips. They may take their time bringing you the change in the hope you’ll give it up and leave, or they bring you change in coins or dirty bills so that you don’t want to touch it.

Such tricks are considered cheap and are generally not used at decent places.

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