12 Bollywood Celebrities Whose Plastic Surgery Was a Drastic Failure

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7. Shazhn Padamsee

She’s featured in various movies including – Solid Patels (2015), Masala (2013), Orange (2010), and Housefull (2012).Not just that, she’s the girl of some of India’s most renowned performers – Alyque Padamsee and Sharon Prabhakar. By taking a gander at the pics, we can see that she has experienced lip improvement and that has turned out badly.

8. Minisha Lamba

Her new nose soon after the plastic surgery is no superior to her old nose. In any case, the majority of her admirers stricken by her beguiling grin and everyday great looks neglects to see the adjustments in her nose.

9. Sridevi

The skilled and perfect on-screen character made her return to the Hindi film industry with an extraordinary film and another appearance that she owes to a progression of plastic surgeries. It would have been exceptional on the off chance that she had stayed away from the surgery and held her standard look.

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