12 Celebrities Who Were Once Dirt Poor

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2. Ke$ha

Born Kesha Rose Sebert, she was one of three children raised by her single mom, who was a songwriter. Growing up, Kesha’s mother had to make ends meet, and often they had to live on welfare and food stamps. Not having anyone to leave the children to while she worked, she took them to concerts and recording studios with her, where the singer was exposed to music nearly since her infancy.

While she was in high school, Kesha focused on writing songs with the help of her mother. Constantly visiting recording studios and attending music school, she developed a deep love for music, despite the rough times the family faced. Ultimately following her mother’s advice that if she wanted something, she had to take it, Kesha left school at 17 to pursue a music career, only to earn her GED later.

A year later, she started working with the producer Dr. Luke and soon she recorded her first hit Tik-Tok. It became one of the top downloaded songs in America and broke the roof on Billboard’s pop charts in 2010.

Despite the image of a rowdy party animal, Kesha proves that a daring and uncompromising spirit can get one far.

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