12 Habits That Help Chinese Women Stay Young

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Chinese women have a reputation for knowing the secrets of youth and beauty, and rightfully so: in the East, it can be downright impossible to tell a woman’s age by her appearance as most ladies look like they’re in their teens or twenties. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

So how does the behavior of Chinese women differ from ours and keep them young and fresh for so long? Let’s see.

Senior Chinese ladies often wear bright and cute clothes. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

  • Chinese women spend hefty amounts of money on beauty products: up to $300 or more per month. Interestingly, they prefer Korean or Japanese brands to Chinese, and there are plenty of elite (and expensive) European ones.
  • China is traditionally oriented toward long-lasting relationships, and so the Western term of “sexy“ is replaced here with ”beautiful.” Beauty is first and foremost about facial features and, of course, white skin. Chinese women will do almost anything to get a fairer skin shade, from sunscreens to radical full face masks and skin whiteners. The fact that somewhere else people are ready to pay for a suntan is just beyond them.

  • Regarding body culture, Chinese ladies are totally into the worldwide slimming trend. In fact, anyone who’s not skinny is considered chubby. Charlize Theron, for instance, would be a voluminous lady in China.
  • Being chubby isn’t bad, though, and it’s even cute. But don’t call a Chinese woman “strong” for fear of making an enemy. Being chubby or plump is feminine and cute, while being strong is a male quality and close to an insult for a woman.
  • A girl in China should be sweet and adorable: a permanent little princess. In their understanding, this is achieved by lots of pastel tones (especially pink), sequins, and cute animals on clothes and accessories. And that’s at ANY age. Women wear this kind of stuff at 30, 40, 50, and so on.

  • The daily schedule is sacred. The Chinese wake up early, go to bed early, and take a mandatory nap after lunch. The whole of China has their breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time. Even when arranging a meeting, they don’t say the exact time. Instead, they say “after lunch.“
  • Every Chinese woman knows which food is ”good for women” in any given season. Such food is usually one that makes you beautiful and fertile: ginger, black sesame, or jojoba. They also prefer black unrefined sugar (yes, black, not brown).
  • They’re averse to chocolate and sweets in general. Chinese women prefer salty or spicy snacks and eat lots of vegetables and herbs, which is also good for their figure.
  • They love taking selfies and posting their photos on Chinese social networks. Every Chinese smartphone has a built-in camera filter that automatically corrects all imperfections and makes the eyes bigger and darker. That’s one of the reasons, by the way, why Chinese girls are considered so pretty.
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