12 Ridiculous Jobs Celebrities Actually Employ People To Do

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With riches inevitably comes power – especially for celebrities. While there are plenty of down-to-earth stars who simply live their life as any other ordinary person, many are high-maintenance celebrities who require small armies of entourages to cater to their every whim. Most of us have to make do carrying out our own tasks and chores, but celebrities with too much money can simply hire personal assistants to do the jobs that they do not want to.

The trouble is some people have taken this to the extreme. Rather than hire assistants to help them out with their normal, everyday tasks, these famous faces have employed workers to do all sorts of bizarre and downright incredible jobs that most people would find completely incredulous. These are some of the weird jobs celebrities hire people to do – hopefully these assistants have had a better go of it than those on this list of celebrity personal assistant horror stories.

1. P!nk Requires A Nipple Pincher To Get Her Amped For Performances

If nipple squeezin’ is your thing, then P!nk might just have a place on her team for you. That’s right, the rough-and-tumble songstress keeps a personal nipple pincher on staff, requiring them to perform their essential duty right before she goes on stage. Coffee’s for the birds – nothing gets you pumped like someone fondling you right before a performance!

2. Lady Gaga Needed A Nighttime Cuddler

In 2013, Lady Gaga’s former personal assistant, Jennifer O’Neill, sued her boss for unpaid overtime. Among the many allegations that Ms. O’Neill made regarding Gaga’s clingy demands was one that required her to sleep in bed alongside her boss. Apparently, the Lady doesn’t like to “sleep alone,” so the task of warming her bed fell to the warm body she had the most control over: her personal assistant. So, if you’re an up and comer with an interest in spooning, consider Lady Gaga’s employ.

3. Ludacris Used To Pay Someone To Carry Extra Game Boy Batteries

There is nothing worse than having your valuable piece of electronic equipment run out of power. Ludacris didn’t have that problem in the early 2000s, as he had an assistant whose job was to carry spare batteries for his Game Boy and changing them when they were empty.

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