12 Ridiculous Jobs Celebrities Actually Employ People To Do

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4. Mark Wahlberg Has A Human Alarm Clock

Actor Mark Wahlberg is well known for his timekeeping and for getting up incredibly early. It is something he takes very seriously to ensure he always makes a good impression and is never late for an appointment. This means that he has to take extra precautions, as trusting this job to a simple alarm clock might mean a mistake is made. So Wahlberg has a personal assistant with the job of waking him up in the morning so he gets to places on time.

5. Rod Stewart Has His Own Room-Darkening Team

There is nothing more important to singer and musician Rod Stewart than getting all of the sleep he needs so he has energy to perform on stage. This means he cannot have any natural or artificial light entering his hotel room before a show, as this could keep him awake. To ensure this never happens, Stewart has his own team of people who go to locations before him to “darken” the rooms by taping up openings and cracks.

6. Oprah Needs A Bra Expert So Her Underwear Fits Perfectly

Considering Oprah has launched several campaigns aimed at getting woman to get proper-fitted bras, it makes sense that she would herself take the issue very seriously. This might be why Oprah also employs an official bra handler. This person is in charge of all things underwear, measuring Oprah so all of her bras are exactly the right size.

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