12 Ridiculous Jobs Celebrities Actually Employ People To Do

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7. Mariah Carey Has Somebody To Hold Her Drinks

To many, Mariah Carey would be the epitome of a high-maintenance celebrity, especially since she has a reputation for being something of a diva. That reputation was only enhanced when it emerged in 2008 that the singer actually has an assistant whose only job is to follow her around and carry her drinks. The unnamed woman also holds a straw so Carey never smudges her lipstick, according to vocal coach Carrie Grant. Speaking to Virgin Radio, she said, “There was a woman that held her drink with a straw. That’s all she does, flies around the world as a drinks holder.”

8. Larry Ellison Has A Speedboat Follower To Retrieve Basketballs

Larry Ellison is not just an entrepreneur worth around $50 billion, he’s also an avid fan of basketball. The American businessman is so fond of the sport he has installed half a court on his private yacht so he can play whenever he wants. Of course, this runs the risk of losing basketballs into the water if they fall off the boat. While he could afford a huge supply of basketballs, it’s simply impractical to fit them all onboard the yacht, so Ellison created a creative solution to his problem – paying someone to follow him on a speedboat and retrieve any balls that fall into the ocean.

9. Ceelo Green Pays A Sweat Wiper

Things haven’t been easy for CeeLo Green since he catapulted to fame following his stint in Gnarls Barkley and the release of his solo album Lady Killer. He has been marred in controversy following drug charges and Twitter outbursts. Maybe this is why he needs someone to wipe the sweat from his brow. According to several sources, someone from his entourage is tasked with wiping his sweat away while another simply has to unwrap and place chewing gum in his mouth.

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