12 Safety Rules for Travelers That Help Save Money and Health

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Safety is extremely important when it comes to traveling. Especially if we are talking about far away countries. If you follow some simple rules, you’ll have a chance to enjoy your trip as much as possible and have no worries about your belongings or health. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Justkooki.com gathered some pieces of advice that will help you in making your journey unforgettable.

Rule #12. Try to avoid paying with cards.

If you don’t want your card data to be stolen, use Google Pay or Apple Pay. These platforms will keep your accounts safe.

Rule #11. Register at your country’s embassy.

If it’s possible, do it right after your arrival. Embassy officers will record your data and contact you or your relatives in case of an emergency. Each foreign affairs ministry has a website where contact details are listed. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Rule #10. Insure your belongings.

Alway keep in mind that your expensive laptop, phone, or camera can be very attractive for thieves. That’s why its better better to insure your devices before you go somewhere: if you lose them or they fall in the ocean, your insurance company will compensate you for the damage.

Rule #9. Put your valuables in a safe.

If you’re not sure that the safe in your room is good, keep all your valuables in the hotel’s safe. But don’t forget to get a receipt to get your belongings back. You can also ask the manager about the damage compensation in the case of a loss.

Rule #8. Save your relatives’ and your local embassy’s phone numbers in your smartphone.

Write down all necessary phone numbers as well as your e-mail in the official language of the country you’re visiting. Additionally, you can screenshot these and use it as your phone’s wallpaper so someone can see the numbers even if your phone is locked.

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