12 Safety Rules for Travelers That Help Save Money and Health

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Rule #7. Don’t drink alcohol with strangers.

An opportunity to meet new people while drinking in a bar seems like fun, but your night can end up very bad. The least terrible thing that might happen is that you lose your money and other personal items.

Rule #6. Eat in places where the locals eat.

If you don’t know where to eat in a foreign place, take a look at the street cafes where locals usually meet. Additionally, if we’re talking about Asia where people adore spicy food, ask for “mild” when placing your order.

And don’t forget to wash all fruits and vegetables with distilled water, no matter where you buy them. If you still have doubts, remove the skin.

Rule #5. Ask the locals about possible dangers.

Before venturing out, you have to know where you shouldn’t go, even during the day. And locals (as well as various internet travel forums) may be very useful because they know different, interesting routes and the country’s features.

Rule #4. Dress and behave as a local.

Thiefs are very attentive and they can always recognize a foreign tourist in a crowd. Of course it’s impossible to protect yourself completely, but if you look like a local, the risk is way lower. For example, Europeans wear shorts less often than Americans.

You can also read clothing laws by country so you don’t break tradition or the law.

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