12 Simple Survival Life Hacks That Could Be Real Life Savers In An Emergency

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3. Start a fire using a wax crayon: There are, of course, many ways to start a fire in the wilderness. Another great example works much like a candle would. If you don’t have a candle to burn, you can use crayons instead…

How could crayons work, you ask? It’s because they contain a combustible material. All you need to do is ignite a crayon using a lighter or a match. You’ll be surprised to learn that each individual crayon can burn for upwards of 30 minutes. Suffice to say, it won’t hurt to carry a full box!

4. Place branches, twigs, and grass under your clothes to stay warm: If you’re facing plummeting temperatures and aren’t wearing enough gear to stay warm, do your best to find bundles of grass and twigs. By placing them under your clothes, they’ll help work as a layer of insulation. Just make sure you’re not using anything that will cause an allergic reaction, like poison ivy.

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