12 Techniques That Will Help You Survive a Deadly Battle With an Animal

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We hope you will never meet a hungry lion and never have to run away from a rhino or swim away from a crocodile. But if it happens, it’s important to know how to behave correctly to stay alive. cool stuff, cool stuff

In order to be ready for anything, Just Kooki has collected techniques that will save your life if you meet a wild animal. cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Sharks

The good news is that there are 150 types of sharks on our planet, and only 20 of them can attack a human. That is because the majority don’t treat us as food. The bad news is that if a shark gets interested in you, it will be very difficult to get away from it. cool stuff, cool stuff

  • In order not to attract sharks, avoid getting blood or urine in the water. Sharks can sense the smell from several kilometers away.
  • If you meet a shark face-to-face, don’t turn your back and don’t try to run away in panic. By doing this, you will look like prey. Move slowly.
  • If you are caught, aim at the eyes and gills. Those zones are sensitive.

2. Kangaroos

Kangaroos attack only if you invade their territory. In this case, the animal will feel a threat. To avoid conflict, follow the next steps:

  • Cough. Short and quiet coughing is perceived as a sign of illness, and you are likely to avoid an attack.
  • Slowly move back. You will look smaller and, therefore, less dangerous.
  • Don’t turn around, and don’t run. If you do, you will provoke an animal that can jump really far and reach you in a moment.
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