13 Hacks to Save You From Awkward Situations All of Us Have Been In

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3. Chest sweat

If you notice that your chest area produces quite a bit of sweat when it’s warm outside, you can use panty liners to avoid unpleasant stains on your clothes. Simply put them in the bra and they will absorb the sweat.

4. Leggings trouble

If leggings emphasize your figure’s flaws, there’s still a way to wear them. Take old pantyhose and cut them so that they turn into shorts. Wear them underneath the leggings to make your tights appear more toned.

5. Ink stains

The ink from your pen leaked out and left a stain on your clothes? The usual antibacterial hand gel will help you. Put a cloth or paper towel under the stain to soak in the ink, squeeze out a bit of the sanitizer on the stain and rub it with a napkin or a cotton pad. Then wash the area.

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