13 Hacks to Stop Animals From Ruining Your Car

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One of the most extraordinary cases of animals attacking cars featured a 200 kg fur seal who crawled on a car bonnet in an Australian neighborhood. Jaw-dropping pics of the seal made headlines and went viral since it’s unlikely to see this kind of animal in urban areas. In most cases, our cars are attacked by rats and other rodents, stray cats may accidentally get into the engine compartments when it’s cold outside, and our beloved pets can also leave traces on car seats. Have a look at several hacks that prove to be effective at stopping animals from ruining our cars. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Here at Justkooki.com, we’ve collected useful tips that will help you keep animals off your car for good.

Use protective covers.

Using specially designed car covers will protect your car from animals that can get inside it from the ground. These animals include rats and other rodents, cats, dogs, and birds. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

  • This type of protective cover is made of strong material and thanks to its design it guarantees all-around protection to the bottom of the car and doesn’t let small animals crawl inside the vehicle’s compartments.

  • These covers remind us of skirts and have recently become extremely popular in China where the problem of rats attacking cars is very common. A combination of strong fabric and wire mesh makes these covers highly protective.

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