13 On-Screen Survival Lessons That Will Get You Killed

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Blockbuster characters manage to survive in any situation: mortal wounds, weather conditions, and lack of vital skills notwithstanding. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Justkooki.com has collected the 13 most common movie clichés that don’t work in real life. Don’t try to reproduce them on your own — the characters only stayed alive thanks to the director’s imagination.

13. Wear cotton clothes.

Cause of death: Hypothermia. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Why: If you want to stay alive, don’t wear cotton clothes, no matter what the season is. Cotton absorbs 27 times its weight in water. It also takes a very long time to dry, and wet clothes lose heat 25 times faster than dry clothes. Getting caught in the rain or sweating will be enough to freeze.

What you really should do: If you’re going hiking, take clothes made of polyester, nylon, or wool.

12. Throw away your phone if it doesn’t pick up a signal.

Cause of death: Can be anything…wild animals, thirst, hunger, hypothermia.

Why: Suppose you got lost and didn’t have enough signal to make a call. A movie character will toss the phone away dramatically — and will be very wrong to do so. Your phone is not useless: even if you can’t call, it still pings nearby phone network towers and makes a digital map of your route so that rescuers can trace your location.

What you really should do: Don’t toss your phone under the influence of emotions. To conserve the battery, turn it off every half an hour.

11. Get down on the ground during a thunderstorm.

Cause of death: A stroke of lightning.

Why: Wet soil is an excellent electricity conductor, so you’ll only increase the chances of the lightning hitting you. To stay alive, you should minimize your contact with the ground.

What you really should do: The safest place for shelter is inside a building. If there are no buildings around, squat down, and make sure you’re not the highest object in the area.

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