13 Smart Parenting Tricks That Can Make Life Easier

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4. Use a ruler to lock drawers.

A very fast and easy way to stop a baby from opening shelves is with a ruler. Just insert the ruler inside the handles and stop being worried that your kid will pinch their fingers.

5. Get an organizer for your car.

Make your trips with a baby easier by attaching a seat organizer in the car. All the things you need will be at hand and it will save lots of time instead of searching for things all the time in your bag.

6. Use old containers to keep stuff for your baby.

Use old small containers to keep a pacifier in. It will help you to escape cleaning it again and organizing space for it in your purse.

7. Make a chore chart.

If you have a hard time keeping your kid on top of chores, this chart can be very helpful to keep their rooms clean. You can decide about the size and color yourself. For this chart, you’ll need only paper, magnetic tape, markers, and scissors.

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