14 Simple Ways To Write Your Perfect Story In An Hour

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1. Always follow the rules whether it’s a prompt, iambic pentameter, or waiting 30 minutes after you eat.

Then, suddenly, don’t follow them at all. Break them as many times without creating a trend.

2. Keep readers suspicious.

Imagination is found in the form and the story is in the laws we decide to break after making them.

3. One should be somewhat fluent in the English language (or any language held by a certain number of peoples).

Remember the importance of vernacular. Writing is democratic, even for those who, depending on the time of day, and level of hydration, are caught slurring his or her words, unable to recall common idioms, your middle name or the lyrics at a karaoke bar.

4. Think of the container of your words.

Yes, this online forum will do. A piece of paper works. A notebook, yes! Yes! There you go: Use a pen! A pencil! The QWERTY keyboard! Meditations prove to be successful when written on a Blackberry, in a bathtub, at the end of a reality television show.

5. One is allowed to be afraid.

An hour of writing is a very doable, if anything, one hour is hardly a warm up. It’s only one cup of coffee, a fifth of gin— But no! In a writer’s mind, one is scared to begin, following the same logic on why people don’t jump out of planes easily or try new foods with strange textures.

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