15 Beauty Hacks That Look Weird But Really Work

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Our beauty routines are important to us; they’re not just how we get ready for our day (or night) but they’re how we express ourselves and how we transform into the most confident versions of ourselves. That being said, these routines should be as easy and enjoyable as possible!But, as we all know, that is so much easier said than done.

But, as we all know, that is so much easier said than done.

If your messy cat eye or difficult hair is preventing you from achieving your beauty goals efficiently, then you need to hack your routine! Here are 17 of our favorite beauty tricks — some of them might look a little odd, but trust us, they’re game-changers.

1. Bobby Pin Contouring

If you’ve dared to try contouring, then you know it’s a risky business. Should you pull it off, you’ll sculpt an incredible look — but if you don’t, it can look pretty obvious that you messed up.

To get an effortless looking nose contour, all you need are some guidelines! A stretched-open bobby pin is all you need to nail the look.

2. Get Perfect Eyeshadow

Nothing pulls a face of makeup together like a fresh coat of eyeshadow, but eyeshadow application isn’t something a makeup novice can just pick up overnight. This brilliantly easy tutorial is going to show you the easiest, coolest way to get perfect eyeshadow every time.

Hint: Your foundation may or may not play a role here.

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