15 Bizarre Life Hacks We Really Hope Won’t Catch On

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As much as I love a good hack, some of them are pretty freaking weird. I know that people often post ridiculous lifehacks online intentionally, but what they don’t realize is that some people will take them very, very seriously.

There are also lifehacks that people think are pretty great, but they honestly aren’t. It can be hard to tell the good ones from the really bad ones, so that’s why I’m here to help!

1. In theory, this is a good short-term solution, especially if you’re at a hotel.

But I really hope people don’t start doing this in their homes or they’ll be taking design back several years.

2. I really hope people realize that this is a joke.

The suggestion here is to toast some paper to get all the gunk out of the toaster. I really hope people are smart enough to realize that this is how fires start!!!!

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