15 Brilliant Broke Hacks For A Bit Of Extra Cash

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If you are one of the lucky ones who is never in need of a little extra cash, I’m beyond jealous of you. While I might be financially comfortable, a few extra dollars here and there never hurt anyone.But beyond getting a part-time job or taking on a side hustle, where is this extra cash going to come from? Fear not, there are a ridiculous number of ways you can save some money, and many of them involve pretty much no work at all.

1. Travelling by air is expensive, there’s no denying that.

So any hacks that can help you save a few extra dollars on flights is amazing. Apparently, Tuesday at 3 p.m. about six weeks before your trip is the best time to book your next getaway.

2. This is usually the case for pretty much any online shopping platform.

It’s called “cart abandonment” and they’ll usually come chasing you down with a discount to convince you to buy.It’s perfect if you were already planning on buying anyways.

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