15 Brilliant Home Hacks That Are Actually The Easiest

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Being an adult is hard. Between working, sleeping, eating, and Netflix and chilling, where are we expected to find the time to organize our homes?

Luckily for us, there’s a variety of amazing home hacks across the internet that are actually ridiculously easy to do. So easy, in fact, that we barely have to take time out of our regularly programmed schedules to do them.

1. Attach a car freshener to a fan to keep a room smelling fresh.

This is perfect in the summer when your home could use a little bit of fresh air.

2. Use a pool noodle to protect your car door.

This hack is absolutely genius — too bad it doesn’t protect you from the idiots who open their doors on your car in public lots. Who’s got a hack for that?

3. Flip the switch on your ceiling fan.

That little switch changes the rotation of the blades. When it’s chilly out, the blades should turn clockwise to force the warm air from the ceiling downwards. This will totally help you save on energy bills.

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