15 Clever Hotel Hacks You Need To Know About

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Whether you are sun-tanning in the Maldives or spending spring at a ski vacation in Aspen, hotels are an integral part of every vacation, and you might love it or you might hate it. But eventually, you have to warm up to it, especially if your job requires a lot of travelling. So, isn’t it convenient if you knew how to make the most of hotel stays? We bet you’ve often wondered about the over-priced rooms and the insanely expensive mini-bar items.

There are certain hacks you can practice to use your hotel stay to proper advantage, and these tricks can also help you save a lot of money. Now, we are not proposing anything unethical here -nothing like what Ross and Chandler did in Friends. We are not advising you to hoard on supplies or misbehave, but you need to follow these instructions whenever you stay at a hotel next.

1. For your Internet needs

The cruelest hotel rule is perhaps the Internet fees. Hotels charge an unfair amount just so you can use their Wi-fi, and paying money for Internet has always been a talking point among people, especially those who are travelling for work. It doesn’t make sense to spend so much money just so you can work from the comfort of your room which you’re paying for. What you can do is before you start on your trip, check with your Internet provider if you can use a hotspot service from your phone. This way you will not need to use your hotel Wi-fi.

Connecting with wi-fi


2. Be vigilant about germs

We just don’t pay enough attention to germs and general hygiene when we’re staying at a hotel. When you pay hundreds of dollars for a hotel room, you just assume that the room is spick and span. But that is hardly ever the case. For instance, if your toothbrushes touch the walls or the granite of the bathroom shelf, it can’t be very healthy. Use clips to keep the toothbrushes upright, so that they don’t touch the wall.

Be vigilant about germs

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