15 Curious Things in Asia That Can Bewilder Any Tourist

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Within recent years, Asia has become a little closer and more familiar to the rest of the world. One can easily find sushi in his hometown, and some Asian resorts have already become popular tourist destinations. Still, this part of the world is full of mysteries, surprises, and shocking details. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Justkooki.com collected some facts from the lives of Asian people that prove it’s still difficult for us to get accustomed to certain aspects. Despite the fact that most Asian people are hospitable and friendly, one should keep these details in mind to avoid unexpected surprises.

15. It’s better not to be the first to enter an elevator in Japan.

Entering an elevator first means becoming a new elevator captain. There are a bunch of unspoken rules for this in the Land of the Rising Sun. The captain operates the control panel, holds the “door open” button, and presses all other buttons for the members of the trip. If you want to avoid this duty, just let someone go before you when entering an elevator. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

14. Tomato juice with sugar. Mmm, yummy…

There is a big surprise for those who love tomato juice. People drink it here with sugar, honey, coconut milk, and even concentrated milk. Asia is incredible. Stay aware!

13. There is no 4th floor.

Irrational fear of the number 4 is widespread in many Asian countries. It even has a name: tetraphobia. The roots of this suspicion go back to China where the words “death” and “four” sound almost the same. The situation is similar in Korea and Japan. That’s why there are no floors in hospitals and public buildings that end with the number 4.

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