15 Easy Beauty Hacks Which Will Give You a Hollywood Glow-up

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3. The correct moisturiser

Moisturising is the key to a great skin. Though most people just get hold of a random moisturiser and use it, that’s not the solution. Not every moisturiser is the same and picking up the right one is very important so that your skin type gets the correct treatment. Water-based moisturisers are the best for oily skin as they fix acne. For dry skin try opting for moisturiser with beeswax.

4. Highlighter must-dos

A highlighter is a red-carpet must-have. The thing about the highlighter is that most people don’t know how to moderate it. The highlighter is used to catch the light of the cameras to draw attention to your best features. Which is why you only need to apply it to areas which you think need attention. Try to learn how highlighters or bronzers work. Have a look at some of the red carpet tutorials and you will see how you can use highlighter to dramatise your look.

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