15 Genius Tech Hacks To Solve Everyday Problems

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It seems as though hacks have infiltrated every aspect of life. If something causes even mild annoyance or struggle, you can bet there’s a hack for it!

So when it comes to the world of technology — which is notorious for being glitchy and frustrating — it only makes sense that some brilliant minds out there would come up with hacks for easier navigating.

Here are a few of our favorites that are sure to help you up your tech game!

1. You’re trying to take a group shot, but have no selfie stick.

Selfie sticks are actually pretty cheap now, but in a pinch, you can throw together a quick DIY stick. Use tape or elastics to fasten your phone to a Swiffer, broom, or any other long-handled item. Set your timer and you’re set!

2. Your charging cords keep breaking.

Take the spring from a ballpoint pen and wrap it around the cord at its weak spots. The wire will provide extra reinforcement and will keep it from bending and wearing down.

3. You lost your phone, but it’s on silent.

Don’t panic, you can still find it! If you have an Android, sign into Google Device Manager from another device. You can make your phone bypass silent and ring until you find it. iPhone users can log into iCloud on another device and select “Find My Phone.”

4. Your charging cords keep falling behind the furniture.

Secure a lego block to your desk or table and place a lego figure on top. Their hands are the perfect size and shape to hold cords. Just snap them in and enjoy your quirky charging station.

5. You want to improve your photography but can’t afford the gear.

Buy a dollar store laser pointer, remove the lens beneath the cap, sandwich it inside the arms of a bobby pin, and tape it over your phone camera. It will magnify objects up to 136 times!

6. You’re getting tired of sharing your wifi password whenever someone visits.

If you have a complicated or embarrassing code, no worries! All you have to do is create a QR code by visiting this site. Enter your wifi info and it will generate a code that lets visitors access your internet. Print it off and post it somewhere at home.

7. You signed into Facebook on a random device and forgot to log out.

Deep breaths, there’s a solution! Just log back into Facebook from your normal device, go to “settings,” select “security & login,” then you’ll see where you’re logged in. You can close any open sessions from there.

8. You can never figure out which cord is connected to which device.

Save your bread clips and grab a sharpie. After you label the bread clips, just snap them onto the cord, and you’ll never suffer from cord confusion again.

9. You need to measure something but have no ruler around.

Set a picture of a ruler as your wallpaper. Lay a real ruler next to the picture to make sure it’s to scale.

10. You didn’t mean to close that tab!

You don’t have to search for the page all over again. If you have a Mac, just hit Command + Shift + T. If you have Windows, type Control + Shift + T. This will re-open the last tab you closed.

11. You’re tired of proofreading long essays.

Rather than relying on your tired eyes to do the heavy lifting, paste your essay into Google Translate, and hit the speaker icon to listen to it. This will help pick up on any minor typos and improve your sentence structure.

12. You have to replace the cracked screen on your device.

Working with glass is tricky. To prevent the glass from shattering, risking injury and a big mess, cover the screen with packing tape before you remove it. If it breaks, it will stay stuck to the tape.

13. Your neck is getting sore from constantly looking down at paperwork.

Get a grip on those neck muscles by macgyvering up your own DIY document holder. Just grab a pant hanger, clip one side to your laptop, and the other to your papers. Problem solved!

14. Your keyboard is all dirty but you can’t reach between the keys.

If you have sticky notes around, you’re in business! Just run the sticky part between the keys to pick up crumbs and dust.

15. Your keyboard broke, so now it wobbles.

Just take the handle off of a medium or large binder clip (depending on the size of your keyboard foot) and use it as a replacement.

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