15 Hacks To Create The Most Delicious Smoothies Of All Time

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7) Pre-Prep Your Smoothies

Make your morning smoothie super quickly. Cut up your fruits and other smoothie ingredients and freeze them in a mason jar. This way you can just pour out your jar into a blender and have your smoothie instantly.

8) Know Your Blender

To make the perfect smoothie, you’ll need the perfect blender. But different blenders do different things. Figure out what blender is best for you by checking this guide here.

9) Make Your Smoothie Do Double Duty

Smoothies are a delicious treat. But they can also be a means of getting in all your daily vegetables and fruits. Find some great vegetable smoothies here. You can find more nutrient filled smoothie recipes here.

10) Add Sweetness and Spice

Smoothies should not taste bland. You can add some flavor to your smoothies with spices and sweeteners. Use some vanilla extract, cinnamon, or agave to achieve this.

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