15 Life Hacks You Need to Know Before You Start Spring Cleaning

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Nothing can take away all the good feelings that come with having a clean house, especially when spring rolls around. But not much can make housecleaning a fun task when you despise it.

We want to help you address every nook and crusty cranny in your home, so we’ve collected a list of cleaning hacks that can speed the cleaning process up, slow the dirtying process down, and finally get rid of some of the stains, marks, and smells that have been irking you for a while.

To get things going, make sure you have some gloves, cloths, and a few empty spray bottles on hand to make your own DIY cleaners. Chase the dirty and winter buildup away!

1. Showers

shower cleaning wand

Do it better by skipping a regular sponge and using a wand instead.

2. Stove Grate Crud


Give your stove grates a bath in an ammonia solution and watch all the crud slide off.

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