15 Life Hacks You Need to Know Before You Start Spring Cleaning

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3. Bust Tile Grout

Clean Grout

No need for toothbrushes with this rigged up grout cleaner. Get ready to grab your drill!

4. Master Carpet Cleanin

carpet cleaning before and after

Clean carpet stains up with something you already have in the house: baking soda and vinegar. Or if you want a one-shot deal, reach for the WD-40.

5.  Kool-Aid for Dishwashers and Toilets

kool aid leaks

Pour a packet (any flavor) into your toilet and leave overnight, scrubbing it the next morning. The citric acid will break down and disinfect old gunk. For dishwashers, mix some lemon Kool-Aid with Borax and run a wash cycle while it’s empty.

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