15 People Who Take Creativity To New Levels

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There are people out there who really know how to stretch their brain muscles when it comes to being creative. They live outside the box and think of things that the everyday person might not, creating solutions that you wish you had thought of in the first place. Join me as I assess these people who are creatively on point.

1. This guy with his DIY mixer.

Who needs a hand mixer when you have a power drill just laying around collecting dust? Slap on a wooden spoon and you’ll be well on your way to pancake town.

2. This girl with a better Leaning Tower of Pisa pic.

Now, this is what I like to see! None of this pretending to hold up the tower nonsense, this girl stepped it up and gets tons of style points.

3. This clever storage solution.

I would’ve never thought of this idea in a million years, but now that I’ve seen it, I really want these! Just remember to close the drawers to avoid a midnight accident.

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