15 Super Rare Cars That Will Absolutely Stop Traffic

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Some cars are built for speed. They are designed to be ahead of the pack on the track. Meanwhile, some cars are meticulously crafted to look beautiful. From the blueprint to the materials used, everything is chosen delicately. And in rare instances, some cars offer both. They look stunning and can race, but they will definitely come with huge price tags. Hence, if you are a car collector who values beauty among all other characteristics in a car, you may want to know about the most super attractive cars in the world. These cars are such eye candy that they can stop traffic wherever they are driven.

Keep in mind, attractive cars aren’t only those that are low and wide. Essentially, they are mobile pieces of automotive art. From afar, they can already make heads turn. Then, up close, they give all the details that any car enthusiast will drool over. They offer chiseled chassis, elegant door hinges, stunning bumpers, and more. They are iconic and they are inspirations to the motoring scene. If not, they disrupt it. Some of the legendary attractive cars came from geniuses like Marcello Gandini and Giorgetto Giugiaro. From the modern day motoring, it would be Ian Callum.

Let’s take a look at 15 of these beauties.

15. JAGUAR XK120

A beautiful work of art, the Jaguar XK120 was the auto maker’s first car after the war. They introduced it in 1948 and it immediately created a buzz because of its stunning appearance. Due to its elegant appeal, of course, it came for a price. The Jaguar XK120 was initially offered at $3,000. It was such an expensive car at that time that only buyers with exquisite taste and deep pockets could afford. Aside from its looks, this post-war vehicle is fast. It boasts a top speed of 120 mph, which was considered fast during the time of its release. Moreover, it was so well engineered inside that driving it is comfortable. The Jaguar XK120 set the expectations for future cars from this brand.

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